A multipurpose
Discord bot with Activities | Games | Memes | Soundboard | Image Manipulation | Economy System | Fun | Information | Moderation.

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Key Features

Some Of The Amazing Features which Flash Has To Offer!


Watch Youtube With Your Friends while connected to a VC or play Games like Fishing, Betrayal and Poker


Bored Of Chatting? Play a game of tictactoe or connectfour with a friend instead! Many single Player games too for the lonely peps!


Ever Wanted to Rick-roll Someone who was in a VC? Well now you can do it using Flash's Soundboard! + Many Troll sound effects


Flash pays you Senkos(𝕾) for Using it! Which can be used to buy items from the Shop!


Feeling Like watching an anime ? Flash has got it covered! Get anime recommendations, Anime Info, Gifs and much more..


Flash can send Your friend to jail or roast them.Its up to you how you wanna have fun with 40+ Memes and Image manipulation commands